Cleverly Other Perspectives

Also, I try myself in ART. For some time, I have been developing a particular style. The pictures are colourful and I keep them simple. Usually, a drawing comes quickly into being, because I am improvising more or less. At the moment, this sort of entertainment is free of charge for my audience. This strategy should catch the eye of the people. I am not really known in public. One needs to start somewhere, and one needs to work constantly. I am sure that my drawings are interesting.

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20161024 - half a decision (03:59)
20161011 - light attitude (02:39)

20160925 - nothing concrete (02:49)

20160721 - making a difference (03:43)

20160708 - light wind (04:32)

20160522 - colourful (05:21)

20160505 - the pool ghost (07:41)

20160501 - rainy weather (04:52)


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